Some kind words from clients who have enjoyed the positive experience I provide with my Hypnobirthing courses.

“I just wanted to say thank you so much for your teaching and encouragement throughout pregnancy. We didn’t get the home birth in the end due to staff levels but had a lovely water birth in the hospital. The labour and delivery were very calm and much to my surprise I just used the tens machine….this was definitely down to hypnobirthing. I’ll definitely hypnobirth if we have another baby and would recommend you to all my pregnant friends! Thanks again x”

– Kayleigh, first time mum

I cannot even begin to describe how much hypnobirthing helped me through my labour, I don’t know how I would have done the whole thing without it.”

– Clare, first time mum

I was 10 days overdue and had decided to have a stretch and sweep from my midwife, which I had declined at 4 days overdue hoping that things might still happen spontaneously. Luckily the stretch and sweep worked brilliantly and later that afternoon I started feeling “uncomfortable” but carried on happily going about my day and running around after my toddler. About 9.30pm that night I had my first major surge, since I was happily watching television with my husband whilst bouncing on my birthing ball I started doing the up-breathing I had been practicing and remained well distracted. An hour went by and the surges were getting increasingly more intense and frequent and I now started using the visualisations with the breathing to help me remain calm and focused. This was very effective and I continued at home, walking around and monitoring the surges for another hour. By this point I was using all my energy to breathe through the surges and focus on the visualisations with my husband helping me by breathing with me and reminding me of some of the affirmations we had decided might be helpful. It was at this point we decided to go to the hospital. The journey to the hospital was something I had been particularly concerned about during the hypnobirthing sessions as something that would interrupt my relaxed state but because I had been using the hypnobirthing techniques all evening and we had practiced them for months I felt completely in control and I was able to remain in the “zone” I had created as we made the trip to the labour ward. When I arrived at the hospital I was already 10cm dilated and within minutes of arriving I felt the need to start the down breathing. Everything happened extremely quickly at this point and within 3 down breaths our baby girl was born. The down visualisations were very helpful as a focus in the last moments. Our daughter was born within 20 minutes of walking through the hospital doors and from the first surge to the last was only two and a half hours. I would never have thought that I could give birth having only taken 2 paracetamol tablets at the start but with hypnobirthing it was. This was the controlled, calm and empowering experience I hoped it would be, all thanks to hypnobirthing. This was the complete opposite to my first birth and now means that I only have good feelings about going into labour in the future, no fears or apprehensions because I know I can do it!”

– Helen, second time mum