About Me

My name is Helen and I am the mother to three amazing children; Jacob, Eve and Arthur. I discovered hypnobirthing whilst pregnant with Eve and the experience changed my life.  All of the anxiety, fear and pain I had experienced whilst in labour with Jacob were completely reversed during my labour with Eve, which was calm, controlled with no need for pain-relief, thanks to hypnobirthing. As a result she was born a calm, alert baby who slept and fed brilliantly. Most recently we have welcomed the newest member, Arthur, into our family who is another hypnobaby born this time in the birthing pool. Another beautifully calm, relaxed and empowering hypnobirth experience.

Having realised it is possible to achieve the birth of your dreams I am committed to helping other women have the wonderful experience they deserve too! Each baby is special so whether it’s your first, second or fifth baby it’s a magical moment when your little one arrives.

My Qualifications

I have a first class Masters Degree in Pharmacy and have been practicing as a qualified pharmacist in both hospital and community settings since 2003. I also hold a Clinical Diploma and a Certificate in Clinical Education from Leeds University. My medical knowledge coupled with the teaching of hypnobirthing techniques has enabled me to have a much more holistic approach, which mothers have found very reassuring.

I am fortunate to have trained with Katharine Graves of the HypnoBirthing Centre in London, who is highly experienced, having trained in both the Mongan method and the Leclaire method and as a doula with Michael Odent the leading obstetrician who started water births. Katharine™ HypnoBirthing has been developed to best suit the needs of pregnant mothers in the UK, with a gentle and holistic approach and is accredited by the Royal College of Midwives.

I have a diploma in hypnobirthing from the Katharine Graves method of hypnobirthing (kghypnobirthing) and am a member of The Hypnobirthing Association, the professional body for fully trained hypnobirthing teachers.