Hypnobirthing FAQ’s

When is the best time to start hypnobirthing classes?
Come whenever you feel ready! For some people this is early on in their pregnancy to give them the maximum amount of time to learn and practice the techniques, for others it is in the later stages when work may be winding down and they are able to give it the focus and commitment it requires.

Can I come alone?
Hypnobirthing can be taught to just the mum-to-be but works most effectively when you and your partner are able to attend the course together.

I’ve attended other antenatal classes – how is hypnobirthing different?
Hypnobirthing is based on positivity and through a variety of simple techniques allows your mind and body to work in harmony to achieve the birth you desire. We focus on releasing fear and empowering mothers to look forward to this uniquely female experience.

If hypnobirthing involves hypnosis, how will I know what’s going on?
Hypnobirthing is nothing like the Paul McKenna style TV show hypnosis. At no time will you feel you are not in control, quite the contrary. Hypnobirthing allows you to achieve a state of deep relaxation, through self-hypnosis, whilst still remaining completely aware of your surroundings. This enables you to be more in tune with your body and work with it to have a calm and comfortable birthing experience.

Is hypnobirthing only helpful if I am planning a natural birth?
Not at all. Hypnobirthing is there to allow you to feel positive, confident and empowered going into the process of birth, however that may happen. By being more alert, calm and confident in your surroundings during labour you are more able to make decisions if complications should arise. Alternatively, if you are having a planned c-section or induction then hypnobirthing can equally equip you with the knowledge and techniques to help you feel confident in those first moments with your new baby.